Friday, August 13, 2010

Demons as Fallen Angles?

Robin Parry over at Theological Scribbles has an interesting summary of a paper from Dale Martin on the history of demonology, tracing it through the Septuagint and New Testament and showing that the view that demons are fallen angels does not appear in a fully articulated form until Tertullian (2nd/3rd centurty AD).


  1. ... and in the SBC doctrinal statement, I found this week.

    Because if there's anything we need to defend against the liberal assault on Christian Truth, it's that demons were angels created with free will who followed Satan out of heaven, turned ugly, and grew long fingernails.

  2. Thanks for this Adam. Question: What do you make of my denominational statement of faith which speaks of the OT and NT as 'inerrant as originally given'? Tying it not to inspiration but to inerrancy, and using the word 'given' rather than 'autographs'?
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